Sea Freight

Sea Freight Services

Ocean transport has a formidable role in building a strong supply chain management system.

When it comes to sea freight services in the US, Nedloyde Logistics has a respectable position that offers various customized solutions according to client needs. We have a comprehensive network of carriers for the shipment of goods from port to port and offer ground freight, warehousing, and distribution facilities as per your demand.

With the services being connected to the world’s major ports, we perfectly manage our customer’s international shipments globally with guaranteed moving time. With a network of experienced professionals and affordable pricing, the integrated ocean freight solutions we offer ensure seamless flow of goods.

Using the services of leading carriers on both a contractual and ad hoc basis, customers are sure they get competitively maintained pricing structure and secure a confirmed space for a load of any size. If you need a partner for your logistics needs, Nedloyde can make your business flow.

The sea freight transportation services we offer – all designed and customized to fit your company’s needs.